Dental Assistant Interview Questions Checklist (Infographic)

Applying for a job as a dental assistant? There’s a good chance you’ll have to go through at least one round of interviews before landing your dream job. Below, our dental education team here at Howard Healthcare Academy has compiled a list of common interview questions for dental assistants, as well as tips for acing your next interview.

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Common Dental Assistant Interview Questions

Not sure what you’re going to hear at your next interview? Here’s a list of some of the most common interview questions for dental assistants asked during the interview process

Why did you choose dental assisting as a profession?

How to Answer: Convey knowledge of the role, your own personal strengths, and a strong desire to help others.

What is your past educational experience? Professional experience?

How to Answer: Outline all educational experience and spend time talking about the particular advantages of the dental assistant program you completed. Cover all applicable professional experience, especially time spent within a dental office.

What steps do you take to prepare for a patient’s arrival?

How to Answer: Clearly outline steps and emphasize organization skills, dedication to patient comfort and safety, and the ability to multitask.

Oftentimes patients are reluctant to acquiesce to dental treatments they may need. How do you explain the need for a dental procedure to a patient who doesn’t understand the importance of the treatment?

How to Answer: The above situation always varies from patient to patient — in your answer, emphasize a strategy that uses professional communication skills, adaptability, empathy, and a genuine desire to help the patient.

What are the steps you take to deal with upset or unruly patients?

How to Answer: Similar to the last question, interviewers use this question to look for applicants with strong interpersonal skills, adaptability, and professional composure. When answering this question, it often helps to give a specific example.

How do you maintain patient confidentiality?

How to Answer: Convey a strong sense of personal discretion, as well as an understanding of HIPAA and how they implement regulations.

What experience do you have with dental equipment and dental software?

How to Answer: With this question, interviewers are trying to get a feel for your general literacy with technology, as well as whether additional training will be necessary. Spend time covering your experience with all types of dental software and machines you have used.

What skills do you feel make a good dental assistant?

How to Answer: Confidently answer that you feel a good dental assistant should have specific traits, such as initiative, a good bedside manner, and have strong organizational skills. Add any other skills that you feel are necessary as a dental assistant.

What is your experience with performing laboratory tasks?

How to Answer: Give examples of how you have handled working in a laboratory setting. Give a detailed response, such as “In my previous role, I often assisted my supervising dentist by making crowns and casts for patients undergoing dental procedures. I also developed retainers for temporary and permanent braces, as well as aligners.”

How do you feel about handling office administration tasks?

How to Answer: Before answering, keep in mind that many dental offices do not have a dedicated office staff for these tasks. Therefore, it is often up to dental assistants to do some administrative tasks.

Let your interviewer know that you can handle making and confirming appointments, answering phones, filing, and organizing insurance claims. Doing these tasks can help you increase your income and you may even be given more responsibilities. Be sure to mention any previous administrative duties you have had in the past, as it can help you stand out for the job.

Extra Tips for Your Dental Interview Questions

Now that you know some of the most common interview questions for dental assistants that will likely be asked in your dental assistant interview, here are a few extra tips and tricks you can use to help distinguish yourself from other applicants.

Confidence is Key: Maintain eye contact, smile, and answer interviewers with a healthy measure of assuredness. This will go a long way in conveying that you are fit for the job.

Ask the Right Questions: Interviewers like when you ask questions. Just be sure that your dental assistant job interview questions are well-articulated and pertain to essential aspects of the position. It helps to prepare your dental assistant interview questions beforehand.

Always Remember Your Selling Points: You are a unique applicant with a skillset and personality that others don’t have. Be sure to cover your unique “selling points” during your interview to separate yourself from other applicants. Your dental assistant questions and answers should be straightforward, but also include your unique skill sets and some enthusiasm.

Prepare For Your Interview: Before your interview, you should do your best to prepare. You should have an idea of mind about how to introduce and describe yourself, as well as have some stories prepared from previous dental assistant work or when you completed your dental assistant program. Interviewers love to hear stories about possible candidates for the job, and your personality and expertise can help set you apart from other candidates.

Bring Copies of Your Resume: Always bring several copies of your resume with you for your dental assistant interview. This helps to show that you are prepared, and you might have the opportunity to meet with multiple people during your interview.

Have Pen and a Paper: You should have a reliable pen and small notepad with you during your interview in case you need to take notes. Keep your resume in plain sight, on the desk or in front of you, so it is closeby in case you need it when answering your dental assistant interview questions.

Be On Time: Being on time for your dental assistant interview is one of the most important tip that can help make your interview go well. If you are early for your job interview, it makes a good first impression. The interviewer or hiring manager will notice that you are prompt, which helps make you stand out and shows that you will not be late for the job if you get it.

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