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Online Medical Emergency Course for Dentists

Further your career opportunities by becoming a registered dental assistant in extended functions.

December 1, 24



This 1 hour course provides medical emergencies in the dental office continuing education to help students with the management of medical emergencies in a dental practice.

These are emergencies that can occur during dental treatment and you’ll learn how to recognize common signs and symptoms of an emergency and how to provide emergency care.

Why Take Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office Online Course

Each year, numerous dental procedures are conducted using local anesthesia. Patient health varies widely, from no issues to chronic conditions and medications. Regardless, any patient could face a life-threatening medical crisis during dental care.

Even those without medical history may need urgent intervention. Prior knowledge of a patient’s health is crucial before any treatment to identify potential emergencies. This course covers common emergencies, their causes, pathophysiology, and treatments.

In addition to providing CE credits, this course will better prepare you as a dental professional to understand how to take blood pressure, vital signs, and use emergency drugs.

Learning Objectives of Dental Medical Emergency Course

By the end of the medical emergencies in the dental office course, you will be able to:

  • Examine factors contributing to dental emergencies in oral healthcare procedures
  • Prepare for potential medical crises as dental professionals
  • Outline primary patient survey during perioperative events
  • Explain secondary patient survey during perioperative events
  • Identify common medical emergency signs for accurate diagnosis
  • Implement suitable actions to stabilize patients pre-EMS arrival

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Continuing education is a big part of being a successful and valuable dental assistant in the industry. In addition to your coursework, expanding your repertoire of information can help you command more responsibility and a higher salary in your field.

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