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Dental Ergonomics Training

Further your career opportunities by becoming a registered dental assistant in extended functions.

December 1, 24



This 1 hour course will teach you the importance of dental ergonomics. You will learn proper posture and the neutral working position and guidelines for reaching movements, exercises that can reduce muscle fatigue and strengthen muscles, including exercises to reduce eyestrain and neck strain.

It’s important that dental assistant ergonomics are taken seriously to prevent chronic pain, neck pain, and other risk factors.

What Are Dental Ergonomics?

As dental professionals, many of us understand that the positions our career forces us to stand and sit in aren’t exactly natural. This can lead to musculoskeletal disorders such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. All of these issues affect the joints, nerves, and tendons we use most frequently to do our work.

This training focuses on your physical well-being while you’re worrying about patient care. Most of your training relies on a firm understanding of how to take care of your patients but if you’re unable to work due to pain or injury, you cannot possibly provide proper care.

Proper dental ergonomics can help prevent musculoskeletal disorders, fatigue, and discomfort, leading to improved patient care and practitioner longevity.

Symptoms of Dental Assistant Positioning and Bad Ergonomics

If you ignore dental assistant ergonomics, you can expect to experience some of the following side effects. Pain, aching, stiffness, swelling, and redness including a limited range of motion that can impact your long-term job success.

What You Can Expect to Learn

Through the use of dental assistant ergonomic seating, proper posture, stretching, and scheduling to provide rest periods; you’ll be able to manage long-term issues of dental ergonomics so you can continue to work comfortably and happily for many years to come.

Example coursework includes:

  • Ergonomics
  • Introduction to Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Understanding Posture
  • Choosing the Right Instruments
  • Loupes
  • Continuing Education Online

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