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Dental Assistant X Ray Certification in San Diego

Further your career opportunities by becoming a registered dental assistant in extended functions.

December 1, 24



Discover what it takes to perform x-rays in a dental office by enrolling in the Howard Healthcare Academy Radiation Safety Course and Certification Program. Here’s what you need to know about our Radiation Safety course.

Course Requirements

  • CPR certification
  • 8 Hour Infection Control
  • 6 months of work experience in a dental office

What is a Radiation Safety Certification?

A Radiation Safety certification is mandatory for dental assistants and other licensed dental professionals to be able to take patient dental x-rays in a State of California dental office. The Radiation Safety certification is essential for licensed dental professionals who want to perform patient x-rays in a dental office.

Achieving a dental radiation safety certification in California can help move your career in the direction you want it to go. This certification from Howard Health Academy can open the door to new opportunities.

What does the Howard Academy Radiation Safety course offer?

Our 32-hour standalone Radiation Safety course focuses on several topics, including:

  • How to set up, take, process and mount patient x-rays correctly
  • Proper techniques to handle traditional and digital x-rays
  • Dental terms and definitions
  • X-ray safety
  • Performing radiation safety procedures during exposures on a mannequin and human subjects
  • In addition, our Radiation Safety course is designed to help you learn the ins and outs of x-ray safety.

You’ll participate in a lecture online, practice on a mannequin head and receive an exam to test your skills. Afterward, you’ll be able to take x-rays on live patients.

After you complete the Howard Healthcare Academy Dental X Ray Certification, you’ll receive an x-ray certification. This certification will remain valid indefinitely and does not need to be renewed.

What you’ll need for admittance:


In order to be admitted to the Radiation Safety course, you are required to have

  • CPR certification
  • 8 Hour Infection Control
  • 6 months of work experience in a dental office

Can the Radiation Safety course for Dental Assistants be completed online?

A portion of the Howard Healthcare Academy Dental Radiation Safety certification course must be completed in person at our Kearny Mesa campus location in San Diego.

The Benefits of an X Ray Certification for Dental Assistants

There are several benefits for a dental assistant to get X-ray certification:

Increased job opportunities: Many dental practices require their dental assistants to be certified in dental radiography, and having this certification will make you a more attractive job candidate.

Expanded job responsibilities: With X-ray certification, a dental assistant may be able to perform additional duties, such as taking and developing X-rays, which can lead to increased pay and job satisfaction.

Enhanced patient care: Dental assistants who are certified in X-ray technology can assist the dentist in accurately helping to diagnose and treat problems, which can improve patient outcomes and overall satisfaction.

Improved safety: Dental assistants who are trained and certified in X-ray technology will have a better understanding of the risks associated with exposure to radiation, and how to minimize these risks for both themselves and their patients.

Why choose Howard Healthcare Academy for Radiation Safety certification?

Performing patient x-rays is part of the day-to-day duties of a dental assistant. Thus, those who want to become dental assistants will need a radiation safety certification to ensure they understand how to complete patient x-rays in a dental office.

At Howard Healthcare Academy, we deliver an exceptional radiation safety certification course that features:

  • Variety of Scheduling Options — Our class schedules are designed to make it convenient for you to find a course that works for you.
  • Expert Support — We employ top-notch instructors who are experienced and understand what it takes to perform patient x-rays successfully. As a result, you’ll receive world-class support from expert instructors in our x-ray certification course.
  • Convenient Campus Location — Our Kearny Mesa campus in San Diego is easy to access.
  • Hands-On Training — Our x-ray course blends hands-on lessons and classroom instruction, so you’ll be able to build a comprehensive skill set in no time at all.
  • First-Rate Equipment — We provide mannequin heads and other equipment that enables you to gain real-world experience in a comfortable learning environment.

Enroll now to get your Dental X Ray License and propel your career to the next level!

For questions about our Radiation Safety course call (619) ACADEMY (619-222-3369), or email info@howardacademy.edu. Sign up now for the Howard Healthcare Academy Radiation Safety course to learn how to work with traditional and digital x-ray machines.

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