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Coronal Polishing Cerfiication and Course

Further your career opportunities by becoming a registered dental assistant in extended functions.

December 1, 24



Looking to earn your Coronal Polish Certification? California has several options to offer. None are better than our Coronal Polishing Course here at Howard Healthcare Academy.

With experienced instructors and modern facilities provided through our partnership with The Super Dentists, one of San Diego’s top dental groups, we are proud to offer a coronal polishing certification course that teaches students the fundamentals of coronal polish. If you are searching for a “coronal polish course near me,” your search ends here. Here’s a closer look at what our coronal polishing certificate in California can do for you.

Course Requirements

  • CPR certification
  • 8 Hour Infection Control
  • 6 months of work experience in a dental office

What is coronal polishing?

Coronal polish represents a procedure that Registered Dental Assistants commonly use to eliminate plaque from a patient’s teeth. It also serves as an essential process to remove stains from the teeth that are caused by substances such as coffee, tea and tobacco.

Historically, coronal polishing was usually completed by dentists or dental hygienists—today, however, this procedure is almost always completed by Registered Dental Assistants.

What will you learn in our Coronal Polish class?

The Howard Healthcare Academy Coronal Polish course combines hands-on training with an unparalleled classroom and dental office learning experience that will teach you about topics, including:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Anatomy of the head and neck
  • Tooth anatomy
  • Infection control
  • Lab procedures you will perform on at least two mannequin or typodont simulators according to the specified criteria
  • Procedures you will perform on three clinical patients according to the specified criteria with 75% accuracy

Day one of ourclass the lecture is completed online. On the second day of class, you’ll begin to practice on artificial teeth and then move onto live patient testing to ensure you gain real-world experience. This practice will help you gain confidence and proficiency in the skills of coronal polish.

Is the Coronal Polish class available online?

The Coronal Polish class requires twelve hours to complete. It consists of a four-hour lecture which is completed online and the remaining lab and clinical hours must be completed on campus at our Kearny Mesa campus location in San Diego.

I need a Coronal Polishing certification near me, will I get certified upon completion of this class?

After completing the 12-hour approved courses  and completing your final coronal polishing exam, you will receive a coronal polish certification verifying that you know how to properly set up, prep the patient, floss, and use the slow-speed handpiece for optimal polishing of patients’ teeth.

The coronal polish certification also lasts forever and does not need to be renewed at any time.

In addition to helping students earn a Coronal Polish Certification, our Coronal Polish Course meets one of the requirements to submit your Registered Dental Assistant application with the Dental Board of CA. Without successful completion of the Coronal Polish class, you will not be able to take the State-board exam to become an RDA.

Why Get a Certificate of Completion in Coronal Polishing?

A coronal polishing certification demonstrates your proficiency in a specific aspect of dental hygiene and can be a valuable asset for your career advancement. Here are a few ways in which a coronal polishing certification can help propel your career:

Increased job opportunities: A coronal polishing certification may open up new job opportunities that otherwise would not have been available to you. Some employers may require this certification as a prerequisite for certain positions, and having it can make you a more competitive candidate.

Improved patient care: Coronal polishing is an important aspect of dental hygiene, as it helps to remove plaque, tartar, and surface stains from teeth. By having a certification in this area, you can provide your patients with better oral health care, which can help build trust and establish your reputation as a knowledgeable and skilled dental hygienist.

Increased earning potential: With a coronal polishing certification, you may be able to command a higher salary or receive bonuses or incentives from your employer. Additionally, you may be able to offer more services to your patients, which can increase your earning potential.

Career advancement: A coronal polishing certification can demonstrate your commitment to ongoing professional development and can help you stand out from others in your field. This can lead to opportunities for career advancement, such as promotions or leadership roles within your organization.

Why enroll in a Coronal Polish class from Howard Healthcare Academy?

For those in search of a coronal polish course, California has options to spare. However, not all courses and dental programs are created equal. At Howard Healthcare Academy, we are here to state our case as the best of the best. There are many great reasons to choose our Coronal Polish class, including:

  • Flexible Schedule — We offer a flexible course schedule, ensuring you won’t have to revamp your work and personal schedule to find time to participate in our class.
  • Hands-On Training — We enable you to gain the hands-on skills and know-how needed to perform coronal polish on a patient’s teeth.
  • Professional Instruction — We employ friendly dental professionals who possess years of dental experience and will help you understand what it takes to perform coronal polish.
  • Best-in-Class Technology — We provide immediate access to a slow-speed handpiece and other modern technology, allowing you to learn how to use various dental instruments and other dental equipment correctly.

Earn Your Coronal Polishing Certification at Howard Healthcare Academy

Here at Howard Healthcare Academy, it is our mission to deliver an excellent education to each and every student enrolled in this course. Those looking to earn their Certification will find that our Coronal Polishing Course is second-to-none in terms of both instruction and available technology. If you are searching for a “coronal polish course near me,” there simply is no better choice.

Learn More and Enroll Today

Find out more about our Coronal Polish course by calling (619) ACADEMY (619-222-3369) or by emailing info@howardacademy.edu. Take the Howard Healthcare Academy Coronal Polish course to get your coronal polish certification.

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Learn More and Enroll in Our Coronal Polishing Course Today

Find out more about our Coronal Polish course by calling (619) ACADEMY (619-222-3369) or by emailing info@howardacademy.edu. Take the Howard Healthcare Academy Coronal Polish course to get your coronal polish certification.

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