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California Dental Practice Act Course

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December 1, 24



Howard Healthcare Academy offers a California Dental Practice Act course that is mandatory for all unlicensed dental assistants and licensed dental professionals in California. Here are details about our California Dental Practice Act class.

What is the CA Dental Practice Act course?

The California Dental Practice Act course is a 2-hour continuing education unit (CEU) class that defines the day-to-day duties of dental assistants and other licensed dental professionals across the State of California.

It was created by the Dental Board of California and outlines the regulations and rules that licensed dental professionals must follow as part of their legal and ethical responsibilities to patients who are treated in dental offices.

The dental practice act course includes information on the structure of the Dental Board, governing bodies, utilization, and scope of practice for auxiliaries, the scope of practice for dentists, citations, fines, revocations and suspensions, mandatory reporter status, and license renewal.

What will you learn in the Howard Academy California Dental Practice Act Online Course?

This course outlines the rules and regulations associated with the California Dental Practice Act.

  • Identify the legal limits on scope of practice and the use of dental auxiliaries
  • Describe the legal issues for renewal of license including CEU and criminal history reporting
  • Design patient care, record keeping, and staff management, to comply with the legal requirements of the Dental Practice Act in California

The objectives of the Howard Healthcare Academy California Dental Practice Act course include:

  • Understanding the regulatory and the statutory processes that lead to the regulations dental professionals are required to adhere to
  • Receiving a basic overview of the Dental Practice Act and its regulations
  • Recognizing and adhering to the laws and regulations involving the scope of practice for dental assistants in the workplace
  • Understanding the responsibility of all dental assistants in knowing the regulations and laws governing their position in the dental practice

This educational experience is approved by the Dental Board of California. Upon successful completion of the California Dental Practice Act course, the student is eligible for two continuing education units. Participants will have 30 days from the date of purchase to complete all coursework and will be eligible for Dental Practice Act Certification.

Why Enroll in a California Dental Practice Act Course?

There are a number of benefits to continuing your education on the Dental Practice Act in California. Some of the benefits are:

Understanding State Laws

The California Dental Practice Act (CDPA) governs the practice of dentistry in California. By enrolling in a CDPA course, dental professionals can learn about the laws, regulations, and requirements that govern their practice, and ensure that they are in compliance with these laws.

Career Development

Continuing education helps you learn more about Dental Practice and understand various skills needed to work in the field of Dentistry. This enables you to learn more about clinical skills, handling controlled substances, and the latest trends.

Risk Management

Course completion in Dental Practice enables you to learn more about risk and liability. This ensures you help your practice stay in compliance with all laws and regulations in the state. Your continuing education can help you earn credits while also helping to avoid potential legal issues.

Who can enroll in the Howard Academy California Dental Practice Act CE course?

Our California Dental Practice Act course is ideal for a range of licensed dental professionals, including:

  • Dental assistants (DAs)
  • Orthodontic assistants (OAs)
  • Registered dental assistants (RDAs)
  • Registered Dental Assistants in Extended Functions (RDAEFs)
  • Registered Dental Hygienist (RDHs)
  • Dentists (DDS)

Enrolling in a Dental Practice Act course in California is a great way to learn more about the state laws and to improve your overall professional development in the field.

Why enroll at Howard Healthcare Academy?

Howard Healthcare Academy remains a premiere provider of the California Dental Practice Act. We offer an unsurpassed learning experience that you simply won’t find elsewhere. Reasons to choose Howard Healthcare Academy include:

  • Flexible Class Schedule — We’ll enable you to enroll in a California Dental Practice Act class that fits your schedule, regardless of your work and personal commitments.
  • Experienced Instructors — Our courteous instructors are dental professionals who are happy to respond to your concerns and queries at any time.
  • Offered Online — This class is offered online in the convenience of your home.


Learn more about the Howard Healthcare Academy CA Dental Practice Act CE Course course by calling (619) ACADEMY (619-222-3369), or emailing info@howardacademy.edu.

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