New Year, New Career: 5 Steps to Becoming a Dental Assistant in 2019

Dental Assistant Student

Want to make next year a year to remember? Become a dental assistant, and you can enjoy a career unlike any other in 2019 and beyond.

At Howard Healthcare Academy, there are many reasons why people choose to enroll in a dental assistant training program. These reasons include:

  • There is high demand for dental assistants nationwide. The U.S. job outlook for dental assistants from 2016 to 2026 is projected to exceed the national average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Meanwhile, individuals who kick off 2019 by enrolling in dental assistant training courses could capitalize on dental assistant vacancies at dental practices in cities and towns nationwide after they graduate.
  • There is significant earning potential. BLS reports that the average annual salary of U.S. dental assistants was $37,630 in 2017. Of course, dental assistant salaries vary based on expertise, location, and other factors. If an individual signs up for dental assistant training courses, he or she can build a comprehensive skill set. Plus, a dental assistant can continue to enhance his or her skills over time – something that may allow this individual to further increase his or her annual salary.
  • There are many career growth opportunities. Becoming a dental assistant in 2019 offers a great entry point into the dental industry. In some instances, dental assistants enroll in additional training or certification courses so they can ultimately become dental hygienists or dental office managers. Dental assistants may even decide to become teachers so they can share their dental industry expertise and insights with others.
  • There is unmatched workplace flexibility. Dental assistants can often choose to work full- or part-time, and some dental assistants split their time between multiple dental practices. Additionally, dental assisting frequently proves to be an excellent option for parents, as this career allows moms and dads to work flexible shifts without interfering with time with their kids.

The benefits of becoming a dental assistant in 2019 are substantial. In order to reap these benefits, it is important to have a plan in place to successfully enroll in and complete dental assistant training courses.

Make Becoming a Dental Assistant Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution

Becoming a dental assistant in 2019 offers a wonderful New Year’s resolution for those who are ready to pursue a rewarding career. If an individual begins 2019 by signing up for a dental assistant training program and classes at Howard Healthcare Academy, he or she can kick off the new year with a resolution that delivers immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Howard Healthcare Academy helps students develop and achieve their dental assistant career aspirations. For those who want to sign up and finish dental assistant training courses in 2019, we are happy to offer a five-step process to help you do just that.

1. Find Out What It’s Like to Be a Dental Assistant

Dental assistant tasks include everything from performing lab work to managing a dental office to keeping dental instruments clean to providing oral health tips to patients. These tasks require individuals to possess a distinct mix of soft and hard skills, thereby ensuring that dental assistants can handle a broad range of challenges day after day. Howard Healthcare Academy offers tools and resources to teach individuals about the day-to-day activities of dental assistants. We even answer FAQs to teach individuals about all aspects of pursuing a dental assistant career.

2. Establish a Career Path

A career path plays a key role in a dental assistant’s success. If an individual establishes dental assistant career goals, he or she can then determine which actions are necessary to transform these aspirations into realities. Also, these goals can help an individual stay focused as he or she works toward becoming a dental assistant. Howard Healthcare Academy collaborates with students to help them establish career paths. With support from our team of dental industry experts, an individual can craft a path that results in a fulfilling career as a dental assistant.

3. Learn About Our Dental Assistant Training Programs

Take a look at Howard Healthcare Academy’s dental assistant training programs and the courses associated with them. We offer a variety of dental assistant training programs, all of which blend hands-on and classroom lessons. Next, an individual can sign up for the right dental assistant training program based on his or her individual needs.

4. Evaluate the Course Curriculum

There is no shortage of dental assistant training courses, and as such, evaluating Howard Healthcare Academy’s course curriculum is essential. The goal of dental assistant training courses is to provide individuals with the skills they need to thrive in any dental practice, at any time. With an evaluation of our course curriculum, an individual can decide which courses fall in line with his or her career aspirations. This individual can also examine how long it takes to complete different dental assistant training courses and enroll accordingly.

5. Review the Class Schedules

Different start dates are available for individuals who want to begin dental assistant training in 2019. Check out Howard Healthcare Academy’s class schedules, and an individual can select a dental assistant training program start date that complements his or her everyday schedule. We generally offer weekday classes in the mornings and afternoons, and each class lasts approximately four hours. For individuals who work during the day, we provide evening classes on Monday through Thursday, and each of these classes lasts approximately five hours. And for individuals who prefer weekend classes, we offer standalone courses on Saturdays and Sundays, too.

Choose Howard Healthcare Academy for Dental Assistant Training in 2019

Howard Healthcare Academy is proud to help individuals become successful dental assistants. To date, we have taught dozens of students the ins and outs of dental assisting, as well as helped these students earn jobs at dental practices across the United States. We continue to search for ways to help our students accomplish their career goals. In 2019 and beyond, we will do whatever it takes to help our students thrive as dental assistants.

If you want to pursue a new career in 2019, becoming a dental assistant is a terrific option. Thanks to Howard Healthcare Academy, you can become a dental assistant who serves as a valuable contributor in a dental practice. Perhaps best of all, our dental assistant training programs and courses instill confidence in our students. They ensure that each student possesses the know-how to deliver meaningful contributions in a dental office, and as a result, can enjoy a rewarding career.

Howard Healthcare Academy can help you launch your journey toward a successful career as a dental assistant. By contacting us, we can respond to any dental assistant training program concerns or questions and help you understand exactly what it’s like to work as a dental assistant. To find out more, please contact us today at 1 (619) ACADEMY.

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